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Saturday, November 13, 2021

How to create Job cv


How to create Job cv

How to create Job cv

Now you may ask why we’re creating job cv. The answer is simple. I’m hoping to teach you a life and career hack.

Key role #1

Finding a new job

Here’s an “exponential curve” thought experiment. I think this will give you a better picture of life and work life.

Imagine you’re just started working. Your situation is not that different from what you’re in now, but imagine that you lost your job. You were laid off by your former employer and what are your financial circumstances now?

Your financial situation now

Have you now gained $2,000? In a recession, of course you’re going to have more than you had before. But you can still see the outlines of what happened. Yes, a positive change, but how much of that is due to your new job? How much is new, you gained in the first 7 days of work? $250 extra each week? You may not be able to cut down your credit card debt after this but you’re okay. You may not be able to live on $600 a month. I’m getting a glimpse of how far this can go. In my previous job I wanted to be happy and wanted to be in a great spot. I thought I was. I’m still working hard, I’m still working hard, I’m still working hard but my finances are beginning to hit the point where I would not be able to save, I wouldn’t be able to continue living paycheck to paycheck like I have been for years. I’m in a situation where I would have a discussion with my wife or any other person whom I trust and I would have a “life hack” that would completely change the way I think about this. The “solution” would be something that would make it possible for me to save and live paycheck to paycheck again.

Key role #2

Finding a new employer

If you think you’re finding a new job today, congratulations! But a new employer? What would be my reaction, you ask? Well first let’s define who you are leaving the old job for. It may be a progressive company to give you opportunities for promotions or for prestige. It may be an ex — employer for higher compensation. It may even be a small department at a big company. Now what if I had left and found a new job? I’m going to take it a step further. If you feel any of the way, then here’s where you’re wrong.

I find that people feel as though they left their former employer because they needed to earn more money. They feel as though they left their employer because they need to be able to have it all. We love to say that life is short, yet we choose to go with our preconceived reality. Meaning, we decide that if we left our job and came back you’d only be slightly worse off than before. A simple way to do this is with this thought experiment:

What’s the difference between you and your former employer? Does the only difference be that now you’re earning more money? How can you tell that? This isn’t the business, not the client. But our hearts can tell us the difference.

We need to examine this thought experiment once again. What’s the difference? Is this an illusion? Could the company have left you that much because of your self–interest? Or is it because you now have more money and they see the opportunities for you to make more money? We will need to ask a psychiatrist for the answer.

Key role #3

Finding a new self

Before I added any jobs, before my life was stable, before I really had anything, before I decided to spend about 9 years applying for jobs, before I attended business school, before I read The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, before I took investment banking, before I finally walked into a job, this thought experiment would change the way you think about your ability to work at your “previous job”.

When you think about your previous job, you might picture it as two worlds colliding. You think of the things that you had to do that were not to your liking, of the mistakes you made, of the situation you were in before. What we don’t think about is what this world would be like if you were working for this employer now. What kind of experiences we would be having in this environment? How are we going to be allowed to get our creative juices flowing for more fantastic relationships? This is my next life hack.

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