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         Growing up, family pride really had a huge influence on me. Not just due to the terrible effect it was having on our household, but because of how much things really were and where we were going. Now as I am now an adult I realise how deep my love of my mum and dad’s place in my life is. But it is now more of a disgrace than a memory.

         When I was young it was a house full of pride and made me feel proud of where I was born and where I now was. But once I started school and a lot of the ignorance and fear came out. I had to either go back to the easy way or try to make my way independently. Now I am an adult, I am responsible for my own life, and I do whatever I can to prove myself. Once my job and my job involved coming into contact with the public, it forced me to learn how to be aware.

           Things like the environment and the people around me, those that were well educated and trained, or those that were just lucky enough to not go to the classes that I did. Obviously the people that earned the big bucks weren’t always the best, but they were still the best in the community, and they were fed.

           So the important things were the group of people with most opinions, even though they might not agree with what the different groups would have to say. They didn’t care about what you had, it was a surprise who you treated well, they were just happy to see that you were a person of value. After working for a long time as a security guard and 24-hour shift supervisor I can say that that description is definitely true of everyone that works.

          My dad had worked as a street sweeper all his life, and his job involved going around and cleaning people’s yards. People would stop and thank him for what he was doing, even though they didn’t know him personally. I am not sure he could have done that many things if he wasn’t a street sweeper and one of a kind who thoroughly enjoyed his work. But the fact that the security guards were just men and women, not men and women in uniform or even just men and women in union patches, really isn’t that important. What does matter is that they showed up to the place, greeted people when they come in, left no stone unturned, and treated them well.

         When the Security guards were off their shifts I worked shifts with them too. If I was living at home or even if I wasn’t, I found myself in there after work or leaving the place when I was leaving, and the workers would treat it as though I was one of their own. The one thing I really loved about working for my employers is that they didn’t see my work as anything important or important.

          They saw me as a team. They thought I was on a team and that I would need to get along with them. They thought that working with them would make me work better because I knew what they expected. And I knew what I expected too. They treated me just as well if I was poorly paid, or they treated me better, they did what they had to do. Nothing I did to them was underhanded and substandard. Achieving promotions for employers is very successful in improving the productivity of your employees. They are constantly pushing you up, getting more out of the rest of your team.

          If you are in a career of working with security guards you have to follow up with your management on a regular basis. Because a security guard work shifts in shifts and get paid their pay the same way as we do. One shift pays the same as the next, where work shifts can take place early in the morning and late in the evening, that’s how big our businesses are. You might not think that setting yourself up to quit a security guard job will be an issue, but look at it in a different way. Security guards are often angry with our employers and our job offers, as almost everyone out there is. But the reason our wages are so good is because they pay us on shifts for short of hours shifts.

        Any security guard would know that working in a stolen car outside of a bar late into the night and getting paid by someone who still doesn’t understand what it is like to own a car or do basic cleaning jobs are hard. The common themes of all security guards are a lot of sweat, blood, and tears. So if I can help anyone who’s has the same life as I did, than I am glad. It might not be the easiest life I have ever lived, but I am thankful for what I have.

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